How Do You Choose A Property Manager

Property Management has become serious business and it is no longer as easy as selecting the real estate agency with the cheapest fees.  Times may have changed, however, you will still get what you pay for.

Discounted fees can often lead to a discounted service.

When selecting a property manager you need to choose someone who knows the law and is confident in applying it.

More importantly, you need someone who will pay attention to the finer details, while continually striving to maximise the return on your investment.

Education, ongoing training programs and seminars are also important for a property manager to keep abreast of changing legislation and market conditions.

Property management is no longer just collecting the rent; it is a comprehensive management service where you need a professionally trained property manager.

Our Property Management Team is experienced in all areas of property management and our ongoing training ensures that you are receiving the very BEST service available.

We will care for your property as though it is our own.

As the percentage of home ownership continues to drop in Australia and more people choose to rent as a lifestyle choice, there is an increasing need for quality property management services that meet the more demanding requirements of both property owners and residents.

So what sets us apart from most real estate offices that also offer property management services?

Our ‘Core Business’ is Property Management!

Because our time and resources have been devoted solely to servicing the needs of Property Owners and Residents, we take pride in being specialists in our field of residential property management.

While so many agents see their property management department as potential sales, our office works towards making investment property as easy as possible.

Whether you have one or ten properties (or want ten properties) call us for superior Property Management Service.