Tips for Finding a Property

Apple Property Management would love to opportunity to help you find the perfect property.

Our friendly front desk staff update our list of available properties daily. These properties are displayed in our window at 9/19 Beaumont Street as well as this website.

It’s really important to consider how much you can afford to spend on rent before you start looking, often people get into arrears because they just can’t afford the weekly rent. So set a budget which includes all your expenses such as electricity, gas, water, telephone and groceries. Once you have a figure in mind consider what type of property will suit your needs……. how many bedrooms will you need ? Is garaging important to you? Do you have children who need a safe garden to play in? Do you have pets?

Once your ready to start looking, be prepared ! Make sure you have adequate identification and some recent payslips. Gather some references together and maybe write up a small introduction letter for the agent to pass on to the landlord. Sometimes the extra effort can really payoff.

Is there anything on our list which might suit you?

Great ! Have a look at the outside of the property and consider its location.

Please don’t go onto the property, it may still be tenanted so we ask that you do not disturb the current tenants by peering through windows and walking into the yard.

If you are interested in viewing the interior of the property call our office on (02) 4968 9838 to make a private appointment with one of our portfolio managers, we’ll do our best to fit into your busy schedule.(for security reason we will never give out keys).

Please ensure that you turn up to your appointment on time. We try to accommodate as many people as possible during the day and would hate to keep the next appointment waiting.

At your appointment remember to closely inspect the interior and make sure it fits your criteria.

Hint: Most properties are leased in the condition you inspect it – so if you can’t live with wallpaper and shagpile carpet don’t apply for the property. The portfolio manager will be happy to answer any questions that you have, if we don’t know we’ll find out and call you back!